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Protect your employees with a workers’ compensation policy! A workers’ comp insurance plan provides medical, disability, rehabilitation, and death benefits. These are very important because they support your company’s greatest assets: your employees. In fact, financial support will greatly reduce the stress that your employees and their loved ones feel during these trying times. Struggling to find the right plan for your business? Then get in touch with Local Choice Insurance Agency! Clients from and around Lafayette, LA can call us at (337) 565-2039 to get a sample workers’ compensation insurance quote.

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Importance of Workers Comp Insurance

All businesses need to carry enough workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. Workers’ comp insurance provides the following benefits:

1. Medical Coverage

Your employees can make a claim to pay for their treatments. It should be enough to cover everything up to the day that your employee has fully healed. Note, however, that some policies have limits on how many visits are covered. Your employees won’t get compensation anymore once they’ve exceeded the number of allowed visits. Also, your insurance company has a say on whether alternative treatments are covered.

2. Disability Benefits

Workers’ compensation insurance covers both temporary and permanent disabilities. The amount your employee receives depends largely on how much they earn per week. But if the disability won’t exceed the waiting period, often seven days, they won’t receive compensation.

3. Rehabilitation Coverage

This covers rehabilitation treatments for on-the-job physical injuries. But some policies now cover work-induced psychological traumas. Make sure you ask your agent about it because not every policy covers mental injuries.

4. Death Benefits

Workers’ comp insurance provides death benefits to the employee’s beneficiaries. This covers final expenses such as the burial.

To learn more about what a workers’ compensation insurance policy covers, reach out to Local Choice Insurance Agency! We’ll be more than happy to explain the details to you. Dial (337) 565-2039 for bookings in or near Lafayette, LA.

We’ll Help you Find the Best Workers Compensation Policy Available

If you want to get the most out of your worker’s compensation insurance policy, then you need to consider the following:

  • Coverage: Different plans have varying coverages. For example, not every policy covers mental health treatments. So you need to assess the nature of your business to determine what your employees are most at risk from.
  • Company Size: Companies with dozens of employees would have to pay more than businesses with only a handful of employees. So if you want to keep the costs to a minimum, you might want to take it slow when it comes to upsizing your company’s population.
  • Budget: Small businesses might want to start with a simple, more affordable plan. It’s better to just upgrade your policy once you have the funds than to get stuck with an expensive one that drains all your profits.

Having trouble creating the ideal workers’ compensation policy for your company? Don’t worry, because Local Choice Insurance Agency is here to help! Book an appointment with us so we can assess exactly what you and your company need. Clients from and around Lafayette, LA can reach us at (337) 565-2039.

Request a Workers Compensation Insurance Quote Today

So how much does workers’ compensation insurance cost? This is perhaps the biggest question most business owners ask. After all, it’s a long-term plan and it would heavily affect the company’s finances. Choose the wrong policy and you could end up wasting thousands.

While a number of factors come into play, the most important one to consider is the size of your company. The more individuals you need to insure, the higher your payment will be. Also, adding more to your policy’s coverage increases the premium you have to pay.

Want to know how much it costs to get workers’ comp insurance? Well, you don’t have to guess! Contact Local Choice Insurance Agency so we can provide a workers’ compensation insurance quote for you to refer to.


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