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In Need of Liability Insurance Coverage?

Protect yourself with liability car insurance coverage! Local Choice Insurance Agency is a team of reputable car insurance brokers with more than 35 years of industry experience. This level of expertise is what allows us to accurately identify what type of policy our clients need. Ready to get started? Get a liability auto insurance quote today! Clients from the Carencro, LA area can get their quote by calling (337) 565-2039. We provide liability insurance coverage to clients in Carencro and Lafayette, LA.

Importance of Liability Car Insurance

Here are the reasons why every motorist needs liability insurance coverage:

  • Mandated by Law: All 50 states require motorists to have a liability car insurance policy. 
  • Vehicle Protection: You’re paying tens of thousands of dollars for a vehicle, so it’s only natural to protect it from potential dangers. Luckily, liability car insurance covers all damages caused by a collision.
  • Driver Protection: Perhaps the main reason you need liability insurance coverage is it protects you from having to pay for another driver’s property damage and medical bills in the event of an accident. 

Still can’t wrap your head around the importance of a liability car insurance policy? Then reach out to Local Choice Insurance Agency! Book a free consultation so we can assess your current needs and find the perfect product for you and your vehicle. Dial (337) 565-2039 for bookings in or near Carencro, LA.

Request a Liability Auto Insurance Quote Today!

So how much does it cost to insure your car? A number of factors affect the cost of liability insurance coverage such as:

  • Driving Record: Motorists with poor driving records have to pay higher premiums. On the other hand, those that don’t have tickets or charges against them might not have to cover as much cost.
  • Kind of Vehicle: The more expensive a car is, the more you’ll have to pay for insurance. In fact, the average cost to insure a supercar like a Ferrari is almost $11,000 per year. Meanwhile, it only costs around one grand per year to insure a regular sedan.
  • Location: Your premium may increase if you live in an area with poor road conditions. These include construction projects, potholes, and unfinished roads, among others.

Want to know exactly how much insurance costs? You don’t have to guess because Local Choice Insurance Agency can provide you with a sample estimate to refer to! The total cost would depend on your personal data such as age, gender, location, and marital status, among others. Request a liability auto insurance coverage quote at (337) 565-2039.

You Won’t Find Better Car Insurance Brokers In Carencro, LA

Finding the right car insurance brokers to consult is more important than you think. In fact, there are some disreputable brands out there who’ll do anything to make a quick buck. So to protect yourself, only work with agents that are:

  • Licensed: The first thing you need to do is ensure your agents have the license to provide liability insurance coverage services in your area. If not, then don’t bother wasting your time with them.
  • Honest: A solid way to gauge the honesty of your car insurance brokers is to ask for sample quotes and estimates. Afterward, review their contract to see if there are any hidden fees or ridiculous claims.
  • Skilled: You can’t trust a bunch of newbies with your policy, can you? So make sure you only choose agents who’ve been in the industry for at least a few years now.

Need to apply for liability insurance coverage? Then turn straight to the most trusted agency in and near Carencro, LA: Local Choice Insurance Agency! Call (337) 565-2039 for bookings and inquiries.

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