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Looking for General Liability Insurance Near Lafayette, LA?

Is your business protected? Local Choice Insurance Agency is a firm that provides commercial general liability insurance and general contractor insurance policies in Lafayette, LA. Just tell us the nature of your business, share what you hope to achieve, and then we’ll help you obtain the ideal insurance plan. Book a consultation with us at (337) 565-2039. We also provide quotes and estimates.

Our team provides commercial liability insurance in the following areas:

  • Carencro, LA
  • Lafayette, LA

Importance of Commercial General Liability Insurance

Here are the things a CGL, or commercial general liability insurance, plan covers:

  • Injury Within Area: You can make an insurance claim to pay for treatments if a customer or client gets injured within your premises. For example, let’s say a customer slips on the floor and injures their hand. You can report this to your insurance company and they’ll assess how much your policy will provide.
  • Damage Caused by Finished Products: A CGL may provide coverage if your goods cause physical or property damage to your customers. Note, however, that this does not cover damage caused by defective goods due for recall.
  • Protection Against Wrongful Claims: You can boost your policy so it’ll protect you against claims such as wrongful termination, sexual harassment, or discrimination. Not all CGL policies have this clause so make sure you ask your agent about it if you’re interested.

To learn more about what a commercial general liability insurance policy covers, reach out to Local Choice Insurance Agency! We’ll be more than happy to explain everything in detail.

Request a Commercial Liability Insurance Quote Today

Planning to get a commercial general liability insurance plan? Before you make a decision, you should familiarize yourself with the two types of CGL:

Claims-Made Policy

This is the most common type of CGL policy because it provides coverage no matter when the case took place. For example, let’s say an ex-employee files a wrongful termination case against the company. You can make a claim from your policy even if the actual termination happened months prior to when the case was filed.

Occurrence Policy

An occurrence policy only covers claims made over a specific time frame. It does not cover claims that took place before the policy was in effect. Since it has limited coverage, it’s a less popular option among business owners. But you can still apply for this if your business is still new, you don’t have sufficient funds for a claims-made policy yet, or there’s very little risk of claims being made against you. 

Want to know how much CGL costs? Then get in touch with Local Choice Insurance Agency today! We’ll provide you with a sample commercial general liability insurance quote to refer to.

We’ll Find the Best General Contractor Insurance Policy for You

Why do general contractors need a liability insurance policy? Firstly, a lot of clients feel more comfortable working with insured contractors. In fact, some even require brands to have one. After all, it protects them from any accident or mishap caused by your team’s recklessness.

Secondly, a CGL policy protects your business. Legal issues are very hard to deal with, and trust us, you’re better off avoiding these types of problems in the first place. Lawsuits and claims filed against you can set the business back if you’re not insured.

Lastly, and most importantly, it’s a state requirement. The law requires most construction companies to carry insurance before giving them a license to operate. So if you don’t have one yet, you won’t be able to start operations.

Get the best general contractor insurance policy for your business! Local Choice Insurance Agency caters to contractors from and around Lafayette, LA. Dial (337) 565-2039 for bookings and inquiries.

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