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Accidents are terrifying and we want to avoid them as much as possible. However, they do happen and you can only do so much to prevent them. So the best thing to do, apart from avoiding accidents in the first place, is to protect yourself through comprehensive and collision insurance coverage policies! These ensure that you have the financial capacity to handle all kinds of vehicle or physical damages, whether to  yourself or to other people. To get started, book a consultation with us in or near Carencro, LA at (337) 565-2039. We also provide sample comprehensive auto insurance quotes.

Our collision insurance services are available to motorists from:

  • Carencro, LA
  • Lafayette, LA

Importance of Collision Coverage

As mandated by law, every Louisiana motorist needs to carry collision insurance coverage. It’s a policy that covers the following:

  • Vehicle Damage: Any vehicle damage caused by a collision should be covered by your liability insurance plan. These include everything from small dings and dents to major dilapidation.
  • Physical Injury to Others: If you happen to injure a pedestrian or fellow motorist through collision, you can use your policy to shoulder the fees and charges. Check with your insurance company to see which medical institutions they recognize.
  • Personal Injuries: You should also receive just compensation if you happen to get involved in a crash collision. The agency will investigate the case and determine how much you should get. In most cases, the injured has the majority, if not all, of their medical bills waived.

Having trouble applying for collision insurance coverage? Don’t worry because Local Choice Insurance Coverage can help you! Book an appointment with us so we can analyze your needs and identify the best policy for you. Call us now at (337) 565-2039.

Choose the Best Comprehensive Auto Insurance Brokers Around!

Unlike collision insurance, getting comprehensive auto insurance isn’t a requirement, but having one offers a lot of benefits. It covers other-than-collision damages such as:

  • Theft/Vandalism: You never really know when crooks will strike. They could steal or damage your car any time you’re not looking. Apart from parking your vehicle in a safe place, you should also have protection in case criminals do target your car.
  • Natural Disasters: Comprehensive auto insurance covers damages caused by natural disasters such as hailstorms, hurricanes, and earthquakes.
  • Getting Hit by/Hitting Animals: Hitting or getting hit by animals can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle. In fact, depending on the impact and size of the animal, your entire bumper could fall off.

Still can’t decide whether you need to get both collision and comprehensive auto insurance? Then get in touch with Local Choice Insurance Agency! We’ll be more than happy to brief you on everything you need to know about these policies. Dial (337) 565-2039 for bookings in or near Carencro, LA.

Request a Comprehensive Insurance Quote Today!

Need car insurance? Then turn straight to the most reputable agents in and around Carencro, LA: Local Choice Insurance Agency! What sets us a cut above the rest are the following:

  • Years of Experience: Our agents are backed by more than 35 years of combined industry experience. This is what allows us to create unique solutions based on the clients’ specific needs. Just tell us what you need and we’ll make them happen!
  • Fair Pricing: You can count on us to provide you with nothing but transparent, accurate collision and comprehensive insurance quotes.
  • Honest Suggestions: We’ll never talk clients into getting policies they don’t need. Our goal is to provide effective insurance solutions that would give you the protection you need.

Local Choice Insurance Agency provides sample estimates for clients to refer to. We base the premiums on factors such as your age, gender, driving record, and vehicle used. Request your collision and comprehensive insurance quote today at (337) 565-2039!

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